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Double Circle Silhouette Hoop Earrings

In effort to always design for the body, the natural position of the ear on the body isn't actually 90*, and so in a contemporary take on the traditional hoop earrings, these Double Circle Silhouettes change from each vantage point. 

The carefully-chosen half-round nature of the Silver adds to its dimension and reflects light beautifully from every angle. 

Change what you see and what you wear daily with these hoops.

In this Silhouette Series, I investigate dimension, reflection, and perspective through the beauty of Sterling Silver.

  • Handmade 
  • Engraved Sterling Silver 925
  • Variations in 18k Gold-Plated finish
  • F logo of authenticity



How can an object, feeling, or idea exist equally in sync and in opposition at the same time? Too much or too little of one quality sways the balance. Is it either or, or both?

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