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A Fingerprint for Forever

Personalize your forever jewelry fingerprint heirloom with the simple touch of a finger (one, two, a family or pet). Follow the DIY instructions in your kit, add an engraving, birthstone or multiple prints to create a ring, keychain, ring or necklace and pass it down for generations to come.

  • Alkemia, CSA Maadi

    A full selection of all timeless and statement pieces, including the Baheya Foundation fundraising collection: the Boob necklaces and bracelets.

  • MADU, Zamalek

    A curated selection of some timeless and statement pieces for your eyes and ears only.

  • Greater Egypt

    Find small selection picks at:
    Moudira Hotel, Luxor
    O'Mamouhe, El Gouna

Note from Farah

Everything you see here is handcrafted from scratch, and while I'm still searching for a new studio space, the pieces are really limited in quantities and only available in stores across Egypt.