A limited edition series.

Exploring form, lightness, playfulness,
and not taking oneself too seriously.

Note from Farah

VOID was born in less than 3 weeks, by repurposing forms, building wireframes around an empty space, to capture it and give it life. I told myself to not be discouraged by the word VOID as being all-negative where something is missing, of emptiness although it feels so familiar, but rather explore this space and freedom of being, and capturing it instead. This void can also be peace and time. It can be whatever you want, so make it yours.

Available in Stores only.

  • Alkemia, CSA Maadi

    A full selection of all timeless and statement pieces, including the Baheya Foundation fundraising collection: the Boob necklaces and bracelets.

  • MADU, Zamalek

    A curated selection of some timeless and statement pieces for your eyes and ears only.

  • Greater Egypt

    Find small selection picks at:
    Moudira Hotel, Luxor
    O'Mamouhe, El Gouna