Wearable Objects

The FforFarah jewelry experience is one that redefines traditional aesthetics and ornament, questioning the object’s form, materials, wearability and function with a primary focus on it’s relationship to the body.


Home is the Body

Born in Vienna, Farah has been moving around the world since she was 30 days old, having now lived in 9 countries and attended over 13 schools, Cairo is still home.

She graduated from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design's Jewelry and Metalsmithing BFA in 2015, and will receive her M.A. in Design in Germany in 2024.


The Hands

As a founder, creative director, and metalsmith, she approaches all facets of FforFarah with artistry and perfection as she handcrafts each unique piece in Sterling Silver, Gold-Plated Bronze and 18k Gold, experimenting with a variety of other materials such as a never-ending love for silicone and fabrics.

Farah used to work from her Darb 1718 studio for 7 years until it was demolished Sept. 2023.


Teaching + Learning

Farah’s profound conceptual research, attention to detail, knowledge and courage in re-designing methodologies and materials, distinguish her as a leading jeweler and advocate for contemporary jewelry in Egypt’s art market and across academia with over 10 years of teaching experience at the community and University level.



Farah couples her commercial, conceptual and collaborative portfolio by participating in international exhibitions since 2013, including Dubai Design Week 2017, Milan Design Week 2019, The Venice Biennale 2019, and London Fashion Week 2019, to name a few.