Collection: VOID - new

How do you define the presence or absence of space?

I told myself to not be discouraged by the word VOID as being all-negative where something is missing, of emptiness although it feels so familiar, but rather explore this space and freedom of being. This void can also be peace and time. It can be whatever you want. It taught me to design, think, play and produce in new environments (studio بلكونة), of embracing emptiness of space and mind and time with opportunity to rest and recover, of not needing to fill the space with noise but just treating it as it is.

From the void, I made a new space. Literally and figuratively, in the form of wearable objects. 

By repurposing forms, building wireframes playing with movement and the body, these pieces are larger and lighter than any before. Using a marriage of metals and chains, hollow forms and wireframes and constructed structures - one by one. Together they create space, shape space, fill it and glorify its emptiness all at once through movement, play, and always blurring the lines between object and jewelry.

VOID is a limited edition series with only 1-3 pieces per design, the rarest series I made to date. It is the first series produced in my make-shift home studio after my Darb 1718 studio was demolished in September.