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Birthstone Fingerprint Kit

Birthstone Fingerprint Kit

This Summer '24 introduces a new edition of the most exclusive Fingerprint kit: a BIRTHSTONE EDITION where you can add your birthstone to your fingerprint jewelry piece.

Our fingerprints are our most unique identity, but our personalities and horoscope too. Even if we are both Virgo's or Cancer's or Leo's, no two people are the same. Embrace your identity, your power, your birthstone and your fingerprint. Nothing is more precious than that, and nothing is more precious than a custom family jewelry heirloom. Create your forever memory of your loved one with this kit. 

Birthstone Months and colors to add to your jewelry:

January: Garnet
February: Amethyst
March: Aquamarine
April: Diamond
May: Emerald
June: Pearl + Alexandrite
July: Ruby
August: Peridot
September: Sapphire
October: Tourmaline + Opal
November: Topaz + Citrine
December: Tanzanite + Zircon

Each one of these months has been paired with its horoscope, colored stone, and personality descriptions on one side, and a limited edition FforFarah tarot-inspired illustration on the other. 

What’s in your kit:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Order Sheet
  • Fingerprint pouch + Material jars (for one person)
  • 14 Birthstone cards
  • 12 Tarot illustrations with guide how to play

Use the birthstone cards to find out more about your personality, guess each other's birthstones and play tarot and find answers and meaning, while customizing your jewelry heirloom !


Thank you for trusting me with this special heirloom. I can’t wait to make them !


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